Exceptional DBA

It’s that time of year again when Red Gate open the nominations for it’s annual Exceptional DBA Award.

I entered and made the final 2 years ago, and honestly believe it has added value to me as a SQL professional.  I was immensely proud to be associated with some ‘big names’ in the SQL world, and be standing with them shoulder-to-shoulder in the final.  It’s a real shame that despite Red Gate being a UK-based company, the awareness and willingness to enter amongst the UK SQL DBA community is so low.  Still to this day, people who I work with, who even voted for me back in 2010, still don’t feel like it’s for them.

So please if you are a UK-based SQL DBA, click the link below, have a look at least.  It won’t take too long to participate, but the rewards will be reaped for years!


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