SSRS report paging

I very often find myself wanting to repeat functionality across different products, and Reporting Services and Excel are often the culprits!

The 2 most common features I want to nab from Excel reporting are:

  • Keeping the column headings at the top when scrolling – a la ‘Freeze Panes’ in Excel
  • Remove pagination for the web based reports
The first time I needed these, I managed to find the way to do both, applied them, then carried on with whatever else I was doing.  I don’t spend a great deal of time in SSRS, probably a couple of days per month, so when I needed to do the same thing to a report again – I couldn’t remember where the settings where! So to try and remember these settings, I’m going to cast them down here, in the vain hope that 1) writing about them will make them stick in my mind a bit more, and 2) failing that I can come back here and remind myself!
Hopefully this will be useful to someone else too.

Freeze Panes

To keep the column headings at the top of the report whilst you scroll, (like you can do in Excel with ‘Freeze Panes’), set the FixedHeader property of the table (in the Layout section) to True
Remove Pagination
Removing Pagination from web based reports is achieved by setting the InteractiveSize – Height property of the Report (in the Layout section) to 0

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