Replacement RSS reader – update

It’s a few weeks since I blogged about finding a suitable replacement for Google Reader, but I can say I’ve found it.

Despite having a rocky start, Feedly has become a mainstay of my daily information overload. They’ve come a long way to fixing a lot of the issues I found. In fact they’ve been shipping releases like there’s no tomorrow!

  • Email integration is now back, and working seamlessly with Gmail
  • The feed name that appears in the first column of a multi-feed view now matches the feed name that you can edit
  • The problems with some feeds, like the Twitter search one, seem to be nearly fixed: the articles appear in the higher level views, but not individual feeds

There’s been a long list of UI improvements too.

There’s still a big question mark over what will happen in July when the Google driven back-end goes, but my hope and confidence is with Feedly.

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