Automate DACPAC refresh with PowerShell

I’m working on a project where we have recently started to use SSDT more and more. One feature I make use of, is Database References [], and use DACPACs as the source of these references. To keep this simple for the distributed development team and have one version of the truth, I keep the DACPACs Read more about Automate DACPAC refresh with PowerShell[…]

SSDT error SQL71501: Procedure: contains an unresolved reference to an object

I’ve recently started to use SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) a lot more in database development. And I must say that I’m quite impressed. Having previously used database projects in VS, and fought with msbuild, SSDT is much easier. If you are starting out with SSDT, then I can’t recommend enough that you read Jamie Read more about SSDT error SQL71501: Procedure: contains an unresolved reference to an object[…]

Why I am studying for SQL 2008 exams

I recently passed the Microsoft exam 70-451, earning myself the MCITP certification Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008, and I’m often asked why am I actively chasing 2008 certifications especially when the SQL 2008 exams are due to retire at the end of July 2013 the SQL 2012 exams are now fully available, Read more about Why I am studying for SQL 2008 exams[…]

SQL – rounding to nearest 5

Had a requirement to round some price values to the nearest £5 in a SQL stored proc. It’s easy to round to the nearest 10 using a negative value for the length parameter of the ROUND function i.e. [sql]select round(12, -1)[/sql] returns 10 [sql]select round(16, -1)[/sql] returns 20 but length must be of type tinyint, Read more about SQL – rounding to nearest 5[…]