Why I am studying for SQL 2008 exams

I recently passed the Microsoft exam 70-451, earning myself the MCITP certification Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008, and I’m often asked why am I actively chasing 2008 certifications especially when the SQL 2008 exams are due to retire at the end of July 2013 the SQL 2012 exams are now fully available, Read more about Why I am studying for SQL 2008 exams[…]

Power and Deception of CTEs

This is a reprint of an article of mine that appeared on SQLServerCentral.com in December 2008 Introduction A customer of mine had a performance problem with a stored procedure that uses Common Table Expressions (CTEs). The performance had gone from sub second to 10-12 secs, and the approach that was being taken to diagnose and Read more about Power and Deception of CTEs[…]